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Wash away dry skin,
frizzy hair and chronic eczema.

Our skin absorbs almost 8 glasses of chlorinated water with every shower which could be the cause of your hair and skin worries. Switch to our VitaC Showerheads for an easy way to eliminate these chlorine-caused concerns.

Filter 99.9% of harmful chlorine

Singapore’s tap water contains an average of 2.45 mg/l of chlorine. Our swimming pools have almost the same amount*. Filter chlorine naturally with our VitaC Showeheads and feel the difference from the first shower and see noticeable changes to your hair and skin in just 4 weeks.

*Swimming pools can contain up to 3mg/l based on NEA guidelines and PUB reports.

Reduce hair fall and prevent scalp damage

Your hair is naturally coated in a protective sebum that keeps it strong and shiny. Constant exposure to chlorine strips away the sebum. This will eventually lead to a dry scalp and dull, brittle locks that are prone to dandruff, breakage and hair fall. Restore your hair to its original strength and beauty by going chlorine-free with our VitaC Showerheads.