Our Story

When we moved to Singapore in 2012, we were prepared for the lifestyle changes, but not for what the move would do to our hair - especially my wife, Q. In less than a year she lost more than 50% of her hair volume.

She blamed it on the sun and humidity, and tried everything from home remedies to expensive salon treatments but nothing worked. Out of sheer frustration she cut her hair short, really short.

It took us three years to figure out the real cause - the water supply. Turned out that Singapore’s tap water had more chlorine than other countries. Our friends recommended we try Sonaki vitamin C showerheads as a solution so we gave it a shot.

In three months, her hair softened, regained its natural shine and strength, and stayed on her head! Her hair loss dropped and so did her stress.

We knew our some of our expat friends were experiencing the same problems. So we decided to take this opportunity to bring Sonaki to Singapore to help them and others like them in their search for chlorine-free showers.