Filter 99.9% of harmful chlorine

Health organisations are required to disinfect tap water with Chlorine1, a powerful bleach-like disinfectant, making it drinkable with “no known or expected health risk [including] an adequate margin of safety.2” So far only Chlorine can provide lasting protection from waterborne diseases.

We strongly support purifying drinking water; however, dangerous Chlorine is still present after treatment and this lethal chemical has been proven to cause or further worsen dry skin, frizzy hair, eczema and even hairloss. Furthermore, the largest organ in our body- our skin, absorbs more chlorine and this is far more dangerous than drinking as it bypasses the liver which filters harmful chemicals when swallowed.

Shower filtering is an absolute safe and effortless method of enjoying the benefits of both Chlorine-treated drinking water and Chlorine-free baths that won’t cause you to itch, flake or possibly loose your hair over.

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1. Concentration of Chlorine varies on country. Singapore’s tap water contains an average of 2.45 mg/l of chlorine, below NEA’s 3mg/l guideline. This is almost the same amount as in most swimming pools. 2. EPA 3 Swimming pools can contain up to 3mg/l based on NEA guidelines and PUB reports.